What is MindScribe?

MindScribe is an innovative assistive communication system for people with locked-in syndrome caused by degenerative diseases like ALS. It is composed of a simple brainwave sensing headset and app that allows typing of unique messages, yes/no responses, and mood expression without any muscle movement. The prototype software has been used successfully for over 4 years in Japan with hundreds of patients. 

Who is NeuroSky?

NeuroSky is the world leader in advanced brainwave sensing technology for consumers. Our years of experience with hundreds of brain-enabled applications has prepared us to provide the best communication solution for locked-in people. 

Who is MindScribe for?

MindScribe was designed specifically for people with late-stage ALS, and other degenerative diseases, where communication through eye-trackers or other methods is increasingly difficult or impossible. We recommend that people with ALS and other conditions start using MindScribe early on in the progression of the disease so they are ready to use it when the need arises. 

How does it work?

The MindScribe app works in concert with the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset. A single dry sensor gently touches the forehead and detects tiny electrical signals from the brain called brainwaves. These signals are interpreted to allow the control of features in the app.

When will MindScribe be available?

NeuroSky will launch an Indiegogo campaign in the summer of 2016 to raise funds for further development. We will ship finished MindScribe products to the backers of the Indiegogo campaign first then sell MindScribe to the public.

Why launch an Indiegogo campaign?

The original version of the MindScribe software has been used in Japan for over four years, but NeuroSky wants to bring this technology to the rest of the world. We believe a successful Indiegogo campaign is the best way to spread the word and engage with people and communities that will help us improve the product. We also plan to make significant improvements and add new features to the software. The funding from the campaign will go towards that effort.

How can I stay informed about the Campaign?

The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our email list below! We will provide periodic updates as we prepare to launch the campaign this summer and you will be the first to know when it goes live. We also plan to give special offers and discounts to people who sign up to our email list now.